Model OLDS40TD
New soft touch control panel
Three washing cycles
Water softened version with control light to signal the salt weakness
Double skin
Deep-formed rack supports
Built-in rinse-aid pump
Deep-formed tank, inclined
Integrated suction/discharge circuit, for total draining
Rack 400×400 mm
Useful height 295 mm
Racks/hour 36

[table td1=”” td2=””]
[td1]Width (mm)[/td1] [td2]460[/td2]
[td1]Depth (mm)[/td1] [td2]545[/td2]
[td1]Height (mm)[/td1] [td2]715[/td2]
[td1]VOLUME[/td1] [td2]0.3[/td2]
[td1]WEIGHT[/td1] [td2]38[/td2]
[td1]Electric power (KW)[/td1] [td2]3.2[/td2]