Electronic with automatic dose setting

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[td1]Dimension[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]415x415x385[/td3]
[td1]Weight[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3] 28 [/td3]
[td1]Boiler capacity[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]0,45 (coffee boiler) – 2,5 (steam boiler) [/td3]
[td1]Power supply and power absorption[/td1] [td2] [/td2][td3][/td3] [td1][/td1] [td2]Volt [/td2] [td3] 230/110[/td3]
[td1][/td1] [td2]Hz[/td2] [td3]50/60[/td3]
[td1][/td1] [td2]W [/td2] [td3]2200[/td3][/table]
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Electronic one group coffee machine
128×64 pixel graphic display
Capacitive touchpad
Proportioned dose setting
Multi language icon based display
Electronic temperature regulation for coffee
delivery group by P.I.D.
Electronic temperature control of the boiler
for hot water and steam delivery
Built-in vibration pump
Internal 3 liter tank
1 hot water outlet with 2 programmable
selections ( semiautomatic or automatic )
1 steam wand
Possibility of excluding the boiler heating function
Economy function ( maximum absorption 1200W)
Fault diagnosis alarms
Possibility to set 4 different user profiles
Automatic shutdown function
Read and Write functions
Groups lighting
Software update through Secure Digital (SD) memory card
Service scheduled control system with signal on display
Water softener cartridge control system with signal on display
Chronological record of all the alarms occurred
per Date and Time
Delivery groups washing cycle
Grinding degree control with signal of coarse or fine grinding
Signal for a too fine grinding
Timer for automatic switch on-off
Coffee dose counter
EGS ( Electronic ground system )
Day light saving time automatic update

Coffee counter and timer

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