Semiautomatic with free-flow delivery
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[td1]Dimension[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]700x530x520[/td3]
[td1]Weight[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3] 65 [/td3]
[td1]Boiler capacity[/td1] [td2] [/td2] [td3]10 [/td3]
[td1]Power supply and power absorption[/td1] [td2] [/td2][td3][/td3] [td1][/td1] [td2]Volt [/td2] [td3] 220/240[/td3]
[td1][/td1] [td2]Hz[/td2] [td3]50/60[/td3]
[td1][/td1] [td2]W [/td2] [td3]3600[/td3]
[td1][/td1] [td2]W+ [/td2] [td3]-[/td3][/table]
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Semiautomatic coffee machine with free-flow delivery
Built-in pump
Electric heating system
3-liter boiler (for the 1-group machine)
10-liter boiler (for the 2-group machine)
15-liter boiler (for the 3-group machine)
Pressure gauge for boiler
and pump pressure control
1 hot water outlet / 2 steam wands
Boiler heating element safety thermostat
Automatic boiler refill
Control of malfunction alarms
Stainless steel body
Gas heating system (2 and 3 groups)
Electric cup warmer (2, 3 groups and SPAZIO)
Upgraded boiler heating element

Side panel lit by led strips

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