Trittico Bio is part of the historic family of Trittico. It was born from the Bravo great technological expertise to meet the demand of a world of people who choose a natural production, which respects the principles of environmental sustainability.
Trittico Bio was for the production of gelato made with fresh raw milk, highly controlled and rich of nutritional quality.
Trittico Bio has in itself a digital memory with a software that follow the procedures of the european regulations:

  • Pasteurize fresh raw milk only once so as not to lose its important organoleptic properties, such as buying milk already pasteurized
  • It observe the temperature of pasteurization and the fresh raw milk processing phases as established by the european regulations
  • It records and prints all data relating to the process of pasteurisation of milk, useful also for the purpose of inspecting authorities
  • It also as a unique patented milk anti-contamination device during pasteurization.
  • Certified by Muva Kempten, one of the most advanced research institutes for the analysis, quality assurance and development of dairy products.

Download Product Sheet (PDF) – 774 KB
Watch the video and discover Trittico Bio for the production of good artisanal gelato made ​​with fresh raw milk: